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How it works?





URGENT SUBMISSION OR OVERNIGHT WORK: We do not charge any additional fees on urgent submission. However, if the job is sent after 20h, a fee $5 on orders under $20 or 25% on orders over $21 will be added to your bill.


CANCELLATION PENALTY: Once confirmed, cancellation of the contract is liable to a penalty of up to 50% of the overall cost of the mandate. No cancellation will be accepted once we have started working on your project. The customer is fully liable for payment of the mandate confirmed by both parties, whether he/she still wants the final product or not upon delivery.




1. PayPal or Online Interact: We send you a sample of the work as a proof of quality and payment request. Once the payment received, we send you the full version of the text. We stay available for any modifications on the texts, even after the payment.


2. Company check: An invoice will be sent to you. We submit the content before receiving the payment. (companies only)


3. Cash: An appointment must be made. Mileage expenses might be on your charge depending on your chosen meeting place. We remain available for any changes to the text, even after payment.


* A 25% down-payment may be requested.


The team of freelancers Francais123 (hereinafter referred to as Francais 123) will do everything in its power, within the limits of electronic services, to keep strict confidentiality on all personal information and entrusted texts by the customer for the sole purpose of the service.

The nature of the work undertaken and all information submitted by the customer to Francais123 will be subject to strict confidentiality. Francais123 may not, without the client's prior written consent, publicly disclose or communicate such information to third parties, with the exception of authorized collaborators or subcontractors of Francais123 where operational intervention or consultation of this information is necessary .

The previous statement does not apply if Francais123 would be obliged by law to provide such information or where such information would become a public property, regardless the disclosure thereof by Francais123.




Note that we are offering language services, because languages are our expertise. Our responsibility is to help you reformulate your ideas in a clear and concise text. We always do our best to meet your standards, as your satisfaction is our first priority. We remain available throughout the term and even after the transaction for any changes you wish to make to the text. By cons, it is your duty to ensure that the text corresponds to the demands and taste of the addressee. The result you will receive will remain the one you deserve, according to what you think the text we would have written when reading it.






Any form of plagiarism is strictly prohibited; Francais123 freelancers are formally informed. All created documents are carefully checked by administrators so that they are plagiarism-free before being delivered to the customer.


In the case of resumes and cover letters, practice standards require us to maintain certain formulations found in electronic or printed works. This is by no means regarded as plagiarism, as long as the content of the final document is adapted to your profile.




Claim of reinbursement will neither be approuved nor considered. Like most service contracts, under the law, our agreement is an obligation of means and not an obligation of result. Thus, we can only ensure your satisfaction and guarantee the use of all the available resources to fulfil your request. As satisfaction is very subjective, it is quite understandable that we might fail to come to a result that suits your tastes on the first try especially with new customers. That is why we always mentioned repeatedly in our discussions that we are committed to redo the work as many times as you wish, within a reasonable timeline.


One of Francais123's pros is that we are a team. If the first freelancer did not meet your standards, we will propose you project to another freelancer who might better understand your needs.


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