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About Us

Your Satisfaction. Our mission. We offer you our most experienced specialists to resolve all your language related issues.

- General Translation

- Economic / Commercial Translation

- Literary Translation

- Legal and scientific Translation

- Advertising Adaptation (translation of ads)

- Correction, Editing, and Proofreading

- Invoice Editing

- Writing and Rewriting

- Tutoring and coaching for homeworks, essays, and term papers

- Transcription

- Research

- Questionnaires, surveys, mystery shopper and market analysis

- And much more !

- Qualified freelancers all with a bachelor's degree in translation or in French Studies

- Professional and creative

- Young and dynamic team

- Compliance with deadlines

- Experience in updating/reformatting website and leaflets

- Lot of long-term customers using our services for several years

- Excellent feedbacks some of which are on our Facebook page (

Loyal and growing customer base includes many large marketing and design companies, international businesses, a government department,  teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, students of all levels, and soon, YOU!

- Offers free quotes

- Provides quick answers by email, by phone call, by text message, by Skype, and through our Facebook page

- Shows you exactly where the changes are made on your text

- Provides preferential discounts to loyal customers and on large orders

- Works with our customers, even in the evening, on weekends and during holidays.

- Has a referral program 

We work with thoroughness and professionalism on each of your submission. Entrust your document in the hands of a professional.


Looking forward to working with you!

Jessica L.
Chairwoman, senior freelancer 

- Bachelor's degree in Translation (specialization)
- Bachelor's degree law (two years completed)
- HR Training completed
- Customer Service Training completed
- 1st runner up in a writing contest at the 2012 Francofêtes
- Member and Columnist of the "Mori Club", unofficial publication of Library Du Boisé
- Bilingual Blogger



Benoit O.
Chairman, senior freelancer

- Bachelor's degree in French studies, major in translation 
- Entrepreneurship Training
- Tutor and French teacher
- 2nd runner-up in a writing contest at the 2012 Francofêtes

- Columnist of the "Mori Club", unofficial publication of Library Du Boisé

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